Two workers install solar panels on a roof
Anthony Eyring/UCS

Power Ahead

We need modern electricity. Our future depends on it.

We need modern electricity. Our future depends on it.

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What if we dismantled all the smokestacks, one-by-one?

What if our homes and businesses were powered by the sun and wind?

What if the needs of everyday people were what mattered—not the profits of the ultra-rich?

That’s what the Power Ahead campaign is all about: a clean energy future, with communities at the center. You can help.

The problem

Every year, an extraordinary 50,000 people die from fossil fuel pollution in the United States. Thousands more develop chronic health problems, and we’re all facing climate change, which is driven by coal, oil, and gas.

These problems are preventable. Modern technologies like wind and solar power are safe, abundant, cheap, reliable, and they don’t heat up the Earth.

But the people who own fossil fuel companies are lobbying hard against clean energy. An outdated grid is making it harder than it should be to add new renewables. And the communities most impacted by fossil fuels aren’t in the rooms where decisions are made.

What we’re doing

Everyone deserves access to clean energy: we’re making that happen. From the hallways of DC, to statehouses in Illinois and California, we’re:

  1. Advancing policies that modernize the grid,
  2. Elevating voices from disproportionately impacted communities,
  3. Fighting misinformation from coal, oil, and gas companies.

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